Tar Pit Tri-Tip Beef Roast

Tar Pit Tri-Tip Beef Roast The Tar-Tip as we call it is a true masterpiece of marinating perfection. The spices used in this recipe are primarily to compliment the Natural flavor of the beef itself along with a mild bit of hickory for good measure. The purpose of this marinade is to seal in the natural juices and flavor of the meat. You will even notice when cooking that the Tri-Tip will actually swell up as the juices start to accumulate. When cooking this one try not to poke it when turning or removing from the grill or oven. We don’t want all that goodness to run away. After you remove it from the heat source make sure you let it rest and have it in a dish or plate so you can capture the juices that will start flowing as you begin cutting, this makes the most amazing sauce for dipping or rolling the meat in. ENJOY!

Side notes from me to you:

  • I prefer to bake this tri-tip
  • I usually don’t let company see it prior to cooking and act as if I’ve burnt it when removing it from the oven…hahaha
  • It’s great for Halloween
  • The tri-tip is RAW…….Don’t forget to cook it!!!
  • Always have a good story prepared because EVERYONE is going to ask what happened to it when they see it, and it’s fun to mess with your friends. Over the many years I’ve told some real winners such as I forgot it in the trunk of the car overnight, it’s been in the fridge for “a few days”, haha. Be creative guys, it’s fun!